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About Us

One of the biggest challenges we had when becoming vegan was knowing what was out there, and where to find it.  This is still challenging today, not only for those just making the transition, but for 'seasoned' vegans and food lovers alike.  Most mainstream stores, especially in Ontario seem to lag behind with most of the current innovative vegan foods.  Some of the most established brand names only have a fraction of their product line even available in Canada.  Then, even when you find something new and fantastic, it disappears off the shelves and you can't find it again for months.

Many of the typical retail stores aren't providing enough shelf space to provide much selection and they may not be taking the time to investigate what's available to offer vegans and those wishing to reduce their animal intake in any form.  We've been there, asking store managers to bring in certain brand names or other specific products, or even items that they used to carry.  If we were asking, then there was surely other people wanting the same great choices.

Like many of you, we have spent many years going to numerous stores weekly to get each of our favourite foods, from the raw ingredients, the organically grown, 'cruelty-free' products that many ethically, health and environmentally conscious companies are bringing to the market.

How many times have you purchased an item, only to find upon closer inspection at home that one of the ingredients is whey protein, skim milk powder, gelatin, fish sauce or honey.  It can also be frustrating to find out that the non-toxic, 'green' cleaner you purchased is owned by a 'parent 'company that allows animal testing, or that the product is practically useless.

Let us do the searching for you.  We have assembled a variety of vegan products that we have found to be fabulous and are proud to promote.  We are constantly trying to expand our inventories with new items to introduce to our members.  We will not only bring you more selection than most regular stores, but we'll save you money as well.

Take a look at some of our initial lines that are available now, then keep checking as we add more delicious food selections, 'cruelty-free' spa items, and other interesting items to satisfy your vegan lifestyle.

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A Bit of Background

  1. T. Colin Campbell Foundation/Cornell University Plant Based Nutrition Certification
  2. Main Street Vegan Academy Certification
  3. Bachelor of Physical Education - Brock University