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You will make changes happen:

Every Choice we make has a ripple effect on the people around us and the species with whom we share this wonderful planet.  Make your choices matter!

What We Believe

The question is not "can they reason" nor "can they talk", but rather "can they suffer"

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We have many wonderful suppliers!  Here is more information about who they are and the products they provide.

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What we Offer

Menu Planning

We can provide a personalized menu of options to consider based on your preferences, dietary restrictions and budget.  Everyone is different and so are their goals.  We can offer a variety of daily meal combinations to fit you and your schedule with many easy and delicious recipes.

Restaurant Menu Collaboration

More and more customers are requesting vegetarian and vegan options.  We can work with your existing menu and ingredients to support these requests with minimal costs and without excessive inventory.

Low Cost Vegan Food

We have a wide variety of completely vegan food and if you compare our prices with other stores you'll find that our prices are lower. How?  Since we do not have to maintain a storefront, our overhead is lower and we pass those savings along to our customers.

Personal Customer Service

Every person has their own reasons for changing to plant based living and it is not always an easy path. After years of being vegan ourselves, we understand your challenges and concerns. We are here to help with that as best we can and will spend as much time as you need with any questions.

Cruelty Free Products

Along with fabulous food items, Tempeh Trails also offers vegan and 'cruelty free' options for beauty, healthcare and home cleaning needs.

Environmentally Friendly Products

Every day studies and reports emerge about the impact our daily lives are having on the planet.  Vegan options contribute to the sustainability and protection of our environment.  We can offer planet friendly cosmetics, toiletries and cleaning products.

Store Overview

Tempting Tempeh

Tempeh is hands down, our favourite food.  We find it one of the most delicious and versatile foods on the market, and thus sprouted our store name.

Fabulous Faux Meats

We carry a number of products that add variety to your meal plans and are great substitutes in traditional meat & cheese based dishes.  No need to ditch the old recipes - veganize them!

Delicous and Dairy Free

Our delicious cheeses, yoghurts, butters, egg replacements and more are naturally animal free and simply delicious.

Spectacular Seafood

Our 'fish friendly' seafood aisle stocks plenty of shrimp, scallops, smoked salmon, tuna, battered or breaded fillets.

Cruelty Free Spa Products

Numerous product lines including Alba, Jason, Derma E and more.

Cruelty Free Cleaning Products

Find a variety of household products from Method, Ecover and more.

Featured Products

New products are coming soon!

About Us

Vegan Meal Options

So many people are ready to make healthy and compassionate choices by changing their eating habits, but just aren't sure how to get started.  Tempeh Trails vegan meal options is your shopping guide to make these changes at your own pace.

Animals and The Environment

Put Compassion on your plate!!  Most of us were raised treating meat simply as an ingredient to pick up at the grocery store.  Few of us gave any thought to how it got there.  By changing to a plant based diet, we reap the benefits of a healthier food source and we stop funding the pain and suffering inflicted on other sentient beings.  Plant based diets also reduce our carbon footprint, as animal agriculture has been recognized as having detrimental effects to our water, air and soil.

Education and Activism

There is so much to learn about our planet, each other and ourselves, that we need to continue this education for our entire lives.  This journey of discovery, awareness and compassion has many directions.  Vegan living information can be your guide.

Supplier Spotlight

Alba Botanica

Earth Friendly & Empowering

Culture City Fine Fermented Foods

Culture City Fine Fermented Foods is located in Toronto, Ontario and makes a variety of naturally cultured food products such as hot sauces, tempeh, mustards, miso, etc.

Mama Vegan

We are absolutely crazy about this cultured cashew cheese and are fans of her No Bees Honey.  Read more about this Toronto company's venture into the world of plant based foods.

Main Vegan Deli

Tempeh Trails is proud to support this Ontario based producer of plant based products. Not just because they are local, but because we LOVE their food!!


Naturally derived, biodegradable, non-toxic and  most of all - cruelty free!  We offer a range of household cleaning and laundry products.


We fell in love with these semi-firm, cultured cheeses the first time we tried them at the Toronto VegFest.  The butterless butter is rich and creamy and perfect for melting over popcorn.

Events Calendar

Muskoka Veg Fest

Their FIRST Annual Veg Fest!!

August 11, 2018

10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

River Mill Park, Huntsville, ON

Great line up of exhibits!

Toronto Veg Fest

Sept 7 - 9, 2018

Harbourfront Centre

Free Admission

Over 140 vendors - sooo much to eat!

Peterborough Veg Fest

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Millenium Park

131 King St

11:00 - 5:00 p.m.

Free Admission

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